Payment Plans

Wedding photos starting at $375 deposit plus $1,125 balance over 60-months, interest-free! That's only $18.75 / month! No credit application required, and does not affect your credit score*

*$5 / month admin fee applies. Pay off the balance at any time with no penalty.

Initial Consultation

The first step is to book an initial consultation. During the consultation process, we will ask a lot of questions. This is so that we know 100% what you want, so that we can provide you with the best advice possible as to how to achieve your goals within your budget.

Review Quote

Our Wedding Coordinator will prepare a comprehensive breakdown of recommended services. At this point, any changes to the services quoted can be made in the event that you have changed your mind about anything since the Initial Consultation. Once you have reviewed and accepted this comprehensive quote, our Wedding Coordinator will create the corresponding payment plan agreement.

Payment Plan

*There is a $5 / month payment plan admin fee per-booking and a 25% deposit. The 75% balance can be paid over 60-months. If you book photo + video + design all at once, it is just one shared admin fee of $5 per-month for all services within the same payment plan. Regardless the total cost of the services that you the monthly admin fee stays the same. The more you book at once, the more you will save! A $2,500 Platinum Video Package would be $625 now plus the $5 / month admin fee and $1,875 balance paid over 60-months, interest-free! That’s only $31.25 / month! Book your free consultation today!